Top 5 Best Cydia Repo/Sources And How To Add Cydia Source

Cydia repos also referred to as sources are a huge part of Jail-breaking online community as how it provides tweaks, themes and utilities are provided for user to download. By default when we initially Jailbreak our Apple device we are packaged the most typical repositories including BigBoss, ZodTTD , ModMyi and MacCiti etc, but there’s a lot of other Cydia repositories which might be truly worthy to check out.

In this article we are sharing with you guys the top 5 Cydia sources of 2013 for Jail-broken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that will enable you to install some awesome packages that we cannot locate on stock repositories. But initially, how could you take edge of these top 5 Cydia source of 2013 if you should know how to add Cydia source.

Cydia Tweaks iPhone 5

How To Add Cydia Sources / Repos

If you want to add the Cydia repos to jail-broken device you’ll simply will need to follow below instructions. If you currently know how to add Cydia sources then simply skip this section.

  1. Launch Cydia and go to Manage tab.
  2. From Manage tab tap on Sources option that’ll bring an overview of all the Cydia sources you have already installed.
  3. In the top right corner of the screen tap the Edit button, followed by Add button in left.
  4. Now you’ll just need to type Cydia/APT URL in given text field and tap the Add Source button. In many cases you’ll also require to tap Add Anyway button if it contains cracked packages.

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Top 5 Best Cydia Sources Of 2013

1: xSellize


This xSellize repo is absolutely appealing the game lovers because there’s a big wide range of ROM packs and emulators for Game NES, N64 etc. The repo is not updated as frequently as other repos for instance SiNful, iHackStore but seriously it is the home of lot of packages.

2: SiNfuliPhone Repo


The SiNfuliPhone repo is been around for very long time and possibly the best recognized for its huge library of cracked Cydia apps, tweaks, themes, ROM packs, emulators and other offerings. There’s above than 300,000 members in SiNfuliPhone community so you have to know there’s a ton of content in this repo.



There’s one Cydia repo that has expanded very fast in short time I would say it would be the Insanelyi. This Insanelyi repo is the home for lot of packages than you may check out this and it appears to be updated on a regular basis. There’s a lot of tweaks that have already been designed particularly for this repo. I would surely encourage you to check out this Cydia repo.

4: HASHBANG Productions


The HASHBANG Productions Cydia repo consists of a lot of beta software and other offerings that you will not locate on the Cydia best one the BigBoss repo just like tweaks Fontee and ScreenFade. It is actually worthy as new experiments and tweaks are regularly being added.

5: ZodTTD’s Beta Repo


ZodTTD is well known for iOS emulators such as gpSPhone and N64iOS. In the beta repository this will be hosting the beta versions of emulators before they have been uploaded on community source for public. Even though there is not any packages in this repo at the moment this post has been written, but he stated that next to work on N64 and PSX iOS emulators and when completed they’ll appear in this Cydia repo.

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