Download Stride 2 To Unlock iPhone By Sketching On iOS Screen

As Jailbreak enables all the people to revamp iOS devices completely – by liberating the device from Apple’s limitations. To assist the iOS users to renovate their own devices, we’ve already share some awesome jailbreak tweaks. So maintaining the same tradition; we’ve a different one here which is known as Stride 2. Yes now you can easily unlock iPhone by sketching on iOS screen using Stride 2.

Those people who’ve already jailbreaked their iOS devices prior to now will know about the Cydia tweak named Stride. Which was the first Cydia tweak that implement a new idea to unlock your iPhone by drawing on iOS screen. And now, this tweak is updated to Stride 2 for iOS 7.

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stride 2 tweak

Those who’re inexperienced with this special tweak; Stride 2 makes it possible for you to unlock the iPhone by just drawing your iOS “password”. We have to say that you draw the alphabet Z as your iOS password; so if you need to unlock the iPhone, rather than typing your iOS pass-code you have only to draw the alphabet Z and it’ll unlocked the device. The alphabet Z is only the example; you can sketch whatever you like.

Unlock iPhone By Sketching On iOS Screen

The moment you get the Stride 2, just go-to the settings section of the  Stride 2, where you’ll find the option to use any password. Just draw something and the same will be use as a password for unlock. Please note that as soon as you hit the record button you should not lift the finger when drawing, because the password must be continuous. As soon as you have done, just save this and it is ready to go.

Now to unlock iOS screen, just swipe from left to right and the drawing unlock option will be there. Draw the password sign and the magic will be there!

Stride 2 is now available for $2.99 on Big Boss repo, and can be used with iOS 7.

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