How To Wipe Mac Remotely

For all those people who Mac is misplaced or stolen, using Find My iPhone feature you can locate and recover it back. But the most important thing is to protect your stored data just before locating your Mac. Here’s some easy steps that how to wipe your Mac remotely so that your data is safe from any kind of misused.

Wipe MAC

With you can easily wipe your Mac, but you need to enable Find My Mac on your own Mac with this feature enabled you can wipe your Mac data remotely.

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How To Wipe Mac Remotely

If on your Mac you have not enabled this Find My Mac feature, here is how to enable this:

  • Hit the “Apple” icon and select System Preferences
  • To change iCloud settings, click on iCloud icon
  • Click on “Find My Mac” check box to check in iCloud preference window

find my mac

  • A message for confirmation will show up. Just click “Allow” in order to enable this feature

Here’s How to Wipe Stolen, Lost or Misplaced Mac Remotely

  • From web browser open website
  • Sign-in with your Apple ID & PW
  • Tap the icon named Find My iPhone on homepage
  • From Devices menu click on the option called “All Devices

find my mac

  • Select your own device to wipe its data
  • Click the option Erase Mac
  • You will provided with different options such as “Remote Lock”,”Play Sound”, “Send Message” or “Remote Wipe”. Click on “Send Message” to send a message to other person who hold your Mac to return your Mac back to you

You can even lock your Mac remotely by clicking the option “Remote Lock” so that no one can unlock your Mac except you. And the last option is to use “Remote Wipe” to erase all you data stored on that Mac.

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