Zooming iPhone/iPad Display [How To]

It is another high-tech  jump that  iDevice has a great many accessibility choices. Being different from a few other operating systems, iOS and OS X does have a focus specifically meant on creating the really accessible devices and software. Naturally, the accessibility features of iOS (and OS X) are almost always very useful and practical in modern devices in the modern hands of a modern man.

Among other features one  more common feature needed and demanded by a lot of people dealing with visual problems is “Zoom.” One can zoom in/out  apps on the iPhone/iPad extremely easily with a three-finger double-tap way.

Zoom iPhone & iPad Display

The Way to Zoom iPhone/iPad Display is as follows:

Step No 1:- First go to the Settings app on your  iPhone/iPad

Step No 2:- Then Tap on General

Step No 3:- Select Accessibility

Step No 4:- Tap on Zoom and turn on the switch.

Step No 5:- Exit Settings.

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After you have learnt how to enable the zoom accessibility feature, you can now switch the zoom on/off on apps and other screens on the iPhone/iPad. Here’s the way how to use it:

  1. Double tap with three fingers anywhere on the screen to zoom in/out.
  2. Drag three fingers to adjust to move around different parts of the screen.
  3. Use one or two fingers to scroll in the particular part of the screen.
  4. Now everything is in your hands. You learnt it and got it..

It is well-known that the zoom feature works in every function. we can use to magnify icons on the home screens, or use it within apps to make text/images larger as we wish. The Zoom feature particularly works with the triple-finger tap by default but you can actually change that if it is needed. For example, if you need to enable their zoom with a Home Button triple-click shortcut, you should the following:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility
  • Tap on Accessibility Shortcut
  • Tap on Zoom

Doe quite right. You can now enable zoom just by triple-clicking the home button very easily. Last but not the least, if you want the larger text or font size.

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